Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning America: Little Girls Thinking They Are Fat

When will we stop the mass mentality of women having to be rail thin or close, or show all of their muscles to be thin? So many are too thin or overweight or obese (the latter due to a backlash often) because of this groupthink. Here is the GMA link:

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Field of Excellence: Caring and Non-Attachment (Cross-Post)

I recently went to a SoHo cognac-tasting event by the House of Louis XIII, makers of fine champagne for decades. We sat in red velvety seats and saw film of how the House has operated. The French host was polite and beaming. Of course he wanted to sell the product at the end, but the overall atmosphere was that of caring, caring for the long process of picking the best soil, finest grapes, and best cask for the product. A high percentage of the grape product went into making excellent Remi Martin cognac, while a tiny percentage went into Louis XII cognac. He showed us how the cask was imperfect on certain edges, to show it was hand-made. He was proud of the 15-year-old barrel, made of 250-year-old oak, and revealed to us at a heightened moment when the film screen went up to the ceiling.

Caring will make it more likely you have a higher level of integrity, a higher level of success in what you do, and love life along the way. Bring this caring to your fitness routine. Here's the catch: What you care about is your choice. It may even change. How you want to look, as long as you are healthy, is your choice.

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Recording by Educator on Health

Rick Jarow is a professor at Vassar College in New York State who also gives seminars on creating work you love. He has a weekly radio show. Hit this link, scroll down and hit the link for his June 12 show to hear about balance in health: Do not rely too much on diet, vitamins, drugs, physicians or yoga.
My new fitness book Pocket Guide to Fitness Edition II is out now!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inspiring Article about Cyclist in Sunday Times

It was wonderful to read J. David Goodman's article about Damian Lopez Alfonso in Sunday's Times. Believe in yourself.
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New York Times Article on Farm Animal Antibiotics and Congress

Nicholas Kristoff wrote a great article for today's Sunday Times. Here is the URL:

He makes a good point about animals often growing in filthy conditions, needing antibodies, developing resistant strains, and passing them to us. Lobbyists protect this. I say spend money for the animals to live in humane conditions and give antibodies only if necessary. Do research on how this affects us and provide for cautionary measures.
My new fitness book Pocket Guide to Fitness Edition II is out now!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Christiane Northrup on Aging

She talks about how taking on spiritual, mental and physical growth has many women be and feel 10-20 years younger than their Moms were or felt.