Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Childrens' Exercise

Children are often obese these years in the United States. Some children still are very active. However, many of them eat a great amount of junk food. I recommend exercise of at least five days a week. Children will often play games like hide-and-go-seek and tag. They will play in the backyard or in quiet neighborhood streets or playgrounds. Children should be supervised whenever possible, especially in situations such as weight-bearing activities and swimming.

Children’s exercise intensity and duration should be lighter than adults’. Forty minutes or less of cardiovascular activities are a good idea for children. If a child does this, they should not engage in weight-bearing activities for more than 20 more minutes. Of course, for teenagers over 14 years old, especially for those that have mature bodies of strong muscles and bones and who have at least three months experience working out at an intermediate level.

Medical clearance for children is especially important. Proper breathing techniques are especially important. They should drink plenty of fluids and rest at least one minute between sets. It is very important for children to rest a muscle group engaged as a primary mover in an exercise the next day. Children should not perform single weight maximum exercises or sudden explosive movements.

Children’s exercise equipment should be safe. Mats are necessary under machines and playgrounds. Adults should make sure that children know to report fatigue or other symptoms of exercise.

Disclaimer: None of the information in this blog is meant to take the place of medical advice. Talk to a physician before starting an exercise program or implementing anything in this blog.

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