Monday, August 21, 2006

Some Swiss Ball Chest Exercises

The Swiss Ball can be used to train muscle groups. Here are some exercise for the chest. Vary the size of the Swiss Ball to work different muscle fibers and to get off a plateau. Swiss Balls are great in that they cause more muscle fibers to be engaged for balance and stability, and incorporate a good amount of abdominal and back muslces for balance and stability. Ladies, do not be afraid to do chest exercises. Once again, you will have to do a lot and eat a much higher than average mount of protein to grow huge pectoral mucles!

1. Raise your elbows to shoulder level. Let your palms face each other as you hold the Swiss Ball. Extend your arms. Do not lock your elbows. Bring the Swiss Ball to your chest. Do ten sets of ten repetitions. Stretch the chest after five sets by holding your hands behind your back as high as you can.

2. Repeat 2, and throw the ball back and forth with a partner or against a wall.

3. Do Swiss Ball push-ups. Use the push-up blog. This time, keep a Swiss Ball under your ankles.

4. Repeat 3. This time, put the Swiss Ball under the palms of your hands. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart.

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