Thursday, July 26, 2007

Swiss Ball for Abdominals: Catch and Throw with Yourself

Here is another great abdominal exercise: Take a medium-shaped or large-shaped Swiss ball. Hold it with your palms facing each other. Do not lock your elbows. Lie down and bend your knees. Now lift your knees so there is a 90-degree angle of your knees to the floor. Keep your back on the floor. Throw the Swiss ball to your knees and catch with your ankles. When you throw, engage your upper abdominal muscles to move up and when you catch, engage your lower abdominal muscles to get your hips off the floor so that you can catch the Swiss ball around your ankles. Squeezing your legs together to keep the ball also engages your abdominal muscles. Now "kick" the Swiss ball to your arms, lifting your hips again. When you catch it, use your upper abdominal muscles again to lift your shoulders off of the floor. Do five sets of ten repetitions.

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