Saturday, August 04, 2007


It will be my birthday on August 11th! I will be 36 years old. I feel as energetic as I did when I was a teenager and keep sharpening my mental and physical skills. I just completed six weeks of Martha Graham modern dance classes yesterday. The average age of students was 20 years old. Most of them were from high school or college, and many came from abroad. The classes were two hours long a day. Besides class, there was getting to class in the hot New York City subways and carrying attire, and shoes with me from Queens for days that usually included the gym and doctoral-level studying in the library. My computer has been broken and I have used the New York University library computers. I would often get home late and go to sleep at about 3:00 am, to wake up about four hours later and study, go to the gym and then go to dance class. Being connected to my body, largely because of working out for years, allows me to actually grow younger each year, and I think we can do this until we are about 65 years old.

Weeks ago I saw physician authors talking about this on Good Morning America. I will look of their book. Perhaps you can fish around for it. Your spirit, mental attitude, commitment, intention and actions you take affect your age. Your health age may not be the same as your biological age.


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