Saturday, April 11, 2009

Web site with Health Information and Supplements

I do not take supplements and believe that if one eats a well-balanced diet and exercises regularly, one does not need them. Exceptions can occur at different points in one's life, or if one is pregnant, sick or a senior.

I heard of a Website with lots of health information, including blogs and discussion boards by experts on nutrition and exercise, and nutritional supplements. The creator Rick Mancini of Huntington, New York, says that, "Since 1994, the FDA regulates the manufacture, health claims and labeling of nutritional supplement products. The manufacturer that I work with is one of the most reputable in the country, and meets or exceeds all FDA regulations and guidelines. Along with the nationally recognized nutritionists that I work with, I research the clinical studies behind the nutritisuiticals in my formulas, and the institutions that did the studies. I also get a detailed Certificate of Analysis of everything that I have made. I have an engineering background and an extensive knowledge of manufacturing standards and research. I check these things out very thoroughly."

This sounds good. Check it out.

Disclaimer: I am not involved with this Web site, or read the information, and I do not take or endorse the supplements here. Always consult a physician before taking any nutritional supplements.

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Esha Cool said...

I was surfing on net and found a very informative websites like and on health care and health supplements.

A well known health experts share there experiences and there research on this website through there articles.

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