Friday, May 27, 2011

New York Times Article Bikini Ready? Who's Judging?

Catherine Saint-Louis wrote a great article in yesterday's New York Times about bikini season preparation. Health is number one. After that, feel good about yourself. Don't go to extreme (or any really) diet or exercise plan. Have integrity in health and connect with yourself and intuition to know what is good for you. Feel energetic and love how you look whether you are there yet or on your way. If you really feel bad about an area of your body and want a procedure or surgery, that is your call. But first be healthy, feel good and be in action. Then silence yourself and know what you want.

Remember, many people out there feed off people whose lives are not going how they want. Many life coaches, plastic surgeons, etc. are good people and want to help other people. But money is always a motive and sometimes the number one motive. So be careful. Feel good about yourself!
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