Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TODAY Show: Women's Bodies and Breasts

The TODAY show yesterday continued its excellent coverage of women's health and body image with a show on American's "breast obsession". I think that Europeans are less obsessed with that as they are less likely to get drunk (depending also on the country) than Americans because it is not so forbidden. Women go topless on the beach, including grandmothers with their grandchildren, and people drink a little as teenagers or younger, not having to binge drink at the magical age of 21 years old.

A psychologist and other guest stalked about how breasts are power and how trends are changing to a more curvy look. I am happy about the latter. I am an advocate of women having a balance of thinness, muscles and fat. Some are healthier or look better taller, shorter, bigger or smaller, but as an average, the middle road is healthiest and most beautiful.

What is interesting, however, is that women often run to be the latest "fad", as they put it, using extreme dieting and exercise, plastic surgery, bogus lotions, laxatives, and more. What people must do first is to accept their bodies, put health first, connect with themselves through meditation, nature and working out, and then choose for themselves what energy level they want and how they want to look, while loving themselves along the way. Anything other than these is in a context of not good enough, something is wrong with me, getting there, making it, and other various such elements. See my blog post "Choose Your Body" from years ago. Here is the TODAY show link:


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