Sunday, November 06, 2011

What Happens When You Don't Exercise

This was posted by a LinkedIn contact and is attributed to Jack Lalanne. I would add that if you do not exercise, you lose valuable time to yourself, to reconnect with your center and release hormones that relax you. You lose time to clear your mind through your body, at times when the people and circumstances around you may not be the best.

Well, for starters, lets look at the muscular skeletal aspect. Your muscles, when not properly engaged in vigorous exercise, start to atrophy and become weaker without regular activity. All of that affects your body’s capacity to work efficiently. This in turn translates to the bones as well as they’re not getting enough physical activity to keep them strong and this eventually weakens them, leading to osteoporosis in older people. That’s why resistance training is important, not only in your younger years, but also as you age and aim to sustain strength in your bones. It’s never too late to start exercise and the benefits for you are immense, allowing you to have a better quality of life.
Without exercise your cardiovascular system is diminished, especially your heart and lungs. You can greatly improve them with a proper set of exercises. Remember that your heart is a muscle, so the stronger it is the more blood it can circulate through the body, thus keeping you healthy just the way the human body was designed to do. Also via exercise you eliminate toxins from your body by sweating. So, the more we move, the more toxins are flushed out of our bodies. The less we exercise or move, the more toxins are stored in the body. Take exercise as an investment for better health and saving your medical bills down the road.
Exercise is one of the key tools along with good sensible eating habits in sustaining or losing weight. Without it, we have seen whole populations become overweight through the years, accompanied with easy access to processed, junk foods and bad eating habits. This is leading to higher medical bills and earlier deaths. Some of these death may have been prevented with simple regular exercise and proper food education.

Those are a few reasons why exercise should be a part of your life just like breathing, eating and drinking, all of which is fundamental for a healthy life. It becomes quite obvious what happens to the body if you don’t exercise. Last, but not least, I quote a gentlemen who is a legend in the fitness/nutrition industry. Jack Lalanne, who at 94 years old still workouts 2 hours a day!

“Yes, exercise is the catalyst. That’s what makes everything happen: your digestion, your elimination, your sex life, your skin, hair, everything about you depends on circulation. And how do you increase circulation?” – Jack Lalanne.

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