Thursday, July 24, 2014

Muscle Confusion

"Confusing" muscles is a way to get off a plateau. A blog post on plateaus was written years ago on this blog. Often people train using periodization. They use cycles of three weeks or three months on which they do certain exercises with specific weights and/or repetitions. The problem is that muscles accommodate to this and do not get "shocked". Ultimately, they adapt to the workout program and don't grow as much or develop in power and flexibility.

This is akin to a person developing a habit which eventually gets outdated and leads to no more spiritual, mental or physical growth. Or it is akin to a relationship that stagnates. When someone, for instance, gets used to you and what you do, they may get bored, or may take advantage of you, knowing they can get away with it because you will react in the same way, or not at all. What better way to get the ball rolling on your growth or on a relationship but to put in needed changes.

Exercise becomes ineffective when the muscles accommodate to certain stress. Variety must be added as in someone's life and relationships. 
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