Thursday, October 27, 2005

Perhaps the Best Abdominal Exercise

Many people have trouble with their abs. This includes women that have just had a baby. It also includes men that have a "beer belly", if you will. The first thing to do if you have excess fat on your midsection is to do cardiovascular work to sweat and burn the calories.

This is something that now all people understand: If you have a lot of muscle tissue in your abdominal wall, it will not show if you have a layer of fat that will not let it show. If a bodybuilder, for instance, competes in a bodybuilding contest, she or he will trim down the days before the event. More muscles will show. Another thing that some people do not understand is that women, even fit women, tend to have more fat or a thicker layer of fat than men. Even if the women have a good set of abdominal muscles, they will not show a six-pack unless they trim down more, often losing fat from their face, chest, and other areas from which they do not want to lose fat.

Abdominal muscles are often secondary muscles in many moves - such as lying down and lifting your legs up and down. Sit-ups and other exercises can be used to target abdominal muscles as primary movers. Here is an exercise in which abdominal muscles are both primary and secondary movers and is one of the best abdominal exercises out there. It is an advanced exercise. Do not do this exercise without the approval of your physician.

To stretch, stand up and reach up for a few seconds at least three separate times. Sit sideways on a chair, with its back to your right or left. Place your gluteus maximus on the edge of the chair. Place your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders and legs up at the same time. Support your head with your hands and keep your elbows out parallel to your ribcage as much as possible. Do four sets of ten abdominal sit-ups this way. Increase the amount of repetitions every two weeks by five repetitions per set, if you are an intermediate exerciser in terms of your abdominal muscles. Or increase the repetitions as you see fit for the exercise to give you a burn and to be possible to do! Here is an advanced isometric movement: During one of the repetitions per set, hold the position with your shoulders and knees as close together as possible for about five seconds. This varies the workout. This movement and isometric movements are tough. Isometric movements should only be done for seconds at a time and once in a while and only by intermediate or advanced exercisers. To stretch, stand up and reach up for a few seconds at least three separate times.

This is a tough exercise! When you are done, pat yourself on the back! Don't forget to check out

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