Monday, October 31, 2005

Your Spirit and Your Workout - Be Non-Attached

Many people think that working out is a physical activity. Well, it is really spiritual and mental. Let's focus on the spiritual now. What will give you that extra push to work out if you are in pain? What will keep you committed to your work out? It is your spirit - you will to increase the level of your fitness, the fight in you to keep going when it gets touch, the belief in yourself that you can reach your goals, the love for yourself when you fail a goal, and the capacity to recommit. All of that extends from your spirit.

Have you ever watched athletes? They are talented, of course, or they would not get where they are and they would not get paid millions of dollars. But what keeps them going when they are tired? What keeps them going when they are loosing the game and all eyes are on them? What makes them get up when they lose and be able to play another game? What keeps them going is their spirit. In fact, when you work out, you are working out your spirit, character, brain and personality as much as you are working out your body. You are exercising the love and commitment to yourself, your integrity in health, your commitment power, and your strength.

Another thing is that working out does not have to be about work. It can be about commitment to your health and your goals, not an attachment that things like your body and work outs, and goal attainment have to look a certain way. When you are attached, you often suffer. Working out is not fun. You don't like yourself if you don't meet your goals. As you work out, you may be able to get to the point where you BE working out. it is a part of you - not a task. It is the air you breathe. Strive for that, but do not be attached!

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