Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Failure can be good. We all fail, often many times, before we accomplish what we set out to do. Each time we fail, we grow in the following ways: 1. Who we are regarding failure gives us growth;2. We see what our triggers of failure from the past are; 3. We evolve in our relationship to failure; 4. We see what was missing and put it in to be more effective next time; and 5. We learn from our experience, grow and mature as human beings.

By failing we get to see if we are really committed to our goals and not attached. If we are attached, we get to see how we self-sabotage our commitment. What self-sabotaging conversations do we have? These can include:

I will never be good enough.
It is too good to be true.
I do not have the time.
I do not know how.
I cannot do it.

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