Friday, November 18, 2005

Hitting the Wall During the Marathon or Anywhere Else

If you have run for a long distance, you know that after a period of time, you hit a "wall". The time you hit this may be later the more you practice. The wall can be caused by fatigue or by different muscles each time. Often when you run, it is caused by your feet! I find that no matter what sneakers you buy, they will hurt!

As I emphasize often, work outs are spiritual and mental as well as physical. When I have run marathons, I often find myself thinking about people and things that affect me for miles! It's great that I can catch myself doing this and get it out of my mind. It is also wonderful to be with the people and energy of New York City. But I am telling you: learning to master your spirit and mind can have you master your body.

If you find yourself hitting a wall at a long-distance run, or in an emotional state, relationship or at work, breathe, identify your feelings, be with them and be present to or create a commitment that is larger than the feelings and wall. At the same time, enjoy the moment.

Challenge yourself to surpass the wall. You can start with increments. Tell yourself you will cross a certain landmark, and in how much time. Connect with Nature and people around you.

You will find that the wall disappears, or at least gets smaller! Practice.

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