Thursday, March 30, 2006


Individual and group sports are great. They can be a wonderful way to work out and a way to get off a plateau. I used to think that sports and watching sports were silly until I was about 22 years old and I started to go to a gym regularly! I also at one point thought that eating most vegetables was yucky or that acting was for idiots that were not smart. I turned around some time in my early twenties. That shows you to never say never.

It can be magic and miraculous to see accomplished athletes alone or in teams playing sports. These people are clear, focused powerhouses. Besides being entertainment, it is something inspiring to strive for and is a metaphor for health, relationships and business.

Some individual sports are hiking, dancing, handball, skiing and roller blading. Some team sports are baseball, volleyball, football and tennis. Some sports can be done alone or in groups - skating, racket sports against a wall or in teams, hiking and more.

The more in shape you are, the better and longer you can engage in sports. It is a wonderful experience to feel muscles that you never felt before and to see that you can do something that you could not do the past year. Individual and group sports will increase your confidence, intellect, instincts, endurance, flexibility, coordination and strength. Team sports will give you distinctions in love, partnership and appreciation for yourself and other people.

While engaging in sports, as when you work out, you will connect your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical parts. You will be your word in what goals you set for yourself, learn to fail and succeed, commit, and have fun! You can meet people too!

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