Sunday, April 09, 2006

Setting Goals: Don't Stop!

I love chocolate! Sometimes it can be the best thing in the world! I especially like Italian semisweet chocolate! Did you ever think that you cannot reach the goal of, let's say, losing that final five pounds, giving up smoking, giving up sugar, or losing a clothing size?

I have written a lot about accepting and loving yourself. That does not mean not reaching for your goals! Now if you did not meet a goal, acknowledge yourself, and set another goal! That's right! Do not give up!

It may be true that you had to work extra late for work and could not find time for the gym. It can be valid, or it can be an excuse. After some months of working out, you should know the difference, just like you can know the difference between real and "excuse" pain. For instance, if you had to work a lot, perhaps you could have eaten less fats or found time in the morning for a short run.

You have to love yourself and be committed, but with no action, often there are no results! So do what the Nike commercial says: Just do it! Get up and recommit!

Often for Lent, I give something up. That can be something I love or am used to, like chocolate or red meat. (I do not eat a lot of red meat, but usually do not exclude it entirely.) After a day or two, it gets to be easy. The same can be said for a new diet, like a low-carbohydrate diet. For the first few days, you probably will probably be irritated and drowsy and go to sleep at around 7:30 pm. But after a few days on the diet, you will get used to it and love it!

Often what blocks our goals is psychological. Get to the source of it by getting to know yourself, listening to your intuition and talking to a friend or a professional.

Either way, forgive yourself for not reaching a goal, create another one, and seriously go after it with fun!

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