Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We all have payoffs in doing or in not doing something. Often the payoff for putting something off is to have the opportunity to whine about it and to have others make us feel better. Another way in which a payoff can be used is that we want what we want now. I have the same characteristic. My father told me to be humble and to be patient. I am still working on those virtues.

We often want to see results soon. For instance, we may want to see that "cut" in our triceps when we look backward into the mirror. We can work out those triceps each day, but chances are that they will fatigue and that we will not want to work them out for months. I believe that the pendulum with everything swings back the other way when there is no balance.

We can learn yet something else by working out: patience. We can work out those triceps and rest them a day or even two in between. Then we can wait months to see those "cuts" in the back of the arms. And you know what, all that work and time will be worth it! And we will have greater confidence ahead!

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Bill Spencer said...

Hi Louiza.

I am very happy to learn that you are now blogging. I received your e-mail, and I do still have your bodybuilding book. I never did open it.

I work in Manhattan (east 24th Street off of Park Ave. South), and I can bring it to work for you to pick up.

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