Thursday, June 08, 2006

Educate yourself!

There is so much power in knowledge. And there is even more power in knowledge and experience and knowing yourself. I was t a recent gathering of beauty queens and their consultants. I was so happy to hear these young women talking about inner beauty, eating what they want in moderation according to what they need and not wearing a lot of makeup.

Much of health, fitness and beauty is about loving and standing for yourself. One way to do this is to spend the time to go to the library, search the Internet or ask an expert like a physician, dietician, yoga teacher and personal trainer about fitness. There is so much power in knowing what is happening inside your body when you eat or exercise, in knowing about different exercises and in knowing your body and how it works with food and exercise.

As with working out, there may be a hesitance or phobia of science or reading or doing the work. Remember, the only way to know how anything is going to be and if you will like it is to take the step and do it! You may find out that you love learning, researching and working out! They are your power! And they are fun!

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