Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some Swiss Ball Abdominal Exercises

Swiss balls can be great to use because one often needs to incorporate many muscle fibers and muscles to keep one's stability and balance during performance.

Here are some abdominal exercises one can do with a Swiss ball:

1. Get a medium-sized Swiss ball and balance yourself so as to "lie down" on it with your lower back as a pivot point. Place your feet on the ground, with your knees bent 90 degrees. Proceed with abdominal crunches, as described in the first abdominal exercise blog. Do five sets of ten repetitions.

2. “Lie down” sideways on the Swiss ball. One let will be in front of the other on the ground for balance. Put your hands behind your head. Do side abdominal crunches for your obliques. Exhale when you move upward. Do five sets of ten repetitions one each side.

3. Lie down on the ground. Put the Swiss ball between your ankles. Keep your palms facing downward on your side. Use your lower abdominal muscles. This is a subtle and effective exercise. Bring your hips off the floor about two inches. When you lower your hips, do not have them fully touch the floor. Keep them off the floor for about an inch. When you lift your hips, lift them up two about two inches from this position. You want to target your lower abdominal muscles. Do not use your legs or back to lift the Swiss ball. Do ten sets of ten repetitions. After every five sets, stretch your lower abdominal muscles by hugging your knees for ten seconds.

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