Sunday, December 10, 2006

Take the stairs!

Weeks ago I entered a blog on what exercises you can do while watching television. There are many “exercise” you can do in everyday life that will not set back your busy schedule, and that may, especially if combined with a good, individually-tailored diet and a work out program, lead you to achieve fitness goals such as losing weight and gaining muscle. I call these exercises “integrative exercises” since you can integrate them into your daily life.

Here are some of these integrative exercises:

1. Take the stairs, not the escalator or elevator.
2. Do a dance while you vacuum or wash the dishes.
3. Jog or skip to the grocery store.
4. Stretch your arms, legs or midsection while you sit reading, studying or watching television.
5. Walk, do not take the subway or taxicab, for ten or twenty blocks.
6. Rearrange furniture every once in a while. It will give your place a new look too!
7. Play with a child or pet, including sports-like activities.
8. Do not use the television remote control.
9. Do yoga every morning or evening.
10. Jog or bike ride for some blocks every morning or evening.

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