Monday, April 30, 2007

What Is Fitness?

I think fitness is about energy, endurance, flexibility, strength, and seeing the physician for statistics. EEFSP

It is not about only looking good, being thin, or fitting into smaller jeans. First, you need to get in touch with yourself, largely from working out, to see how your energy, endurance, flexibility, strength are. What good is strength if you have no endurance? Taking care of a child, moving furniture or even walking would not last long. What good is endurance if you have no strength? You would be able to walk for miles, but not lift anything or hold onto something with your arms and support your weight to prevent failing. What good are endurance and strength if you have no flexibility and are as stiff as a block, not being able to bend or reach to get anything or have healthy, flexible muscles?

And what good is all of this if you have high blood pressure and cholesterol?

Incorporate twice-yearly physician visits, and EEFS into your workout, and feel your body. That is fitness.

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