Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Using Weights with Cardiovascular Machine Work

You can combine cardiovascular machine work with weights. You can easily use free weights and hold them, or do exercises such as biceps curls while on the treadmill, stairmaster or other cardiovascular machine.

You can use weight bars as well. An advanced move to use would be a heavy medicine ball. To start, holding it would man that you cannot lean on the cardiovascular machine. This means that your core - abdominal muscles and back muscles - will do more work. You may even sweat more just from not being able to lean on the cardiovascular machine. If you do an exercise such as pectoral muscle extensions or shoulder exercises with the medicine ball, you will burn more calories. Keeping stable and in balance, you will use more muscle fibers.

Using weights while on cardiovascular machines is also a great way to get off a plateau.

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