Monday, March 19, 2007

Possible Three-Month Abdominal Exercise Program VI

Here are some more abdominal exercises. Rest for a day in between these exercises.

Day One:

This exercise may look simple. You can do it on a hard chair at home or at work. Sit up straight. Flex your feet, bend you legs 90 degrees, and have your knees close together. Bring up your feet up one or two inches over the ground. It is not so easy, right? Do this for four sets of ten repetitions.

Here is a harder version, to do once you can do the above exercise for at least four weeks. You may need to put your hands flat under your upper hamstrings with the palms facing down for support. Bring your legs up about an inch so that your thighs are 180 degrees out from your hip socket. Now bring your legs up one or two inches. This is really hard, right? Start off doing this for one set of ten repetitions until you can do four sets of ten repetitions.

Day Two: Pilates Plank

Get a mat and get on it face down. Have your arms 90 degrees down from your shoulders. Rest on your elbows and knees your thighs should be bent 90 degrees. Now straighten your legs. Rest your legs on your toes. Your legs should be close together, knees about two inches apart at most. Keep your back straight. Do not have your but higher than your back. Keep this position for ten seconds. Do this four times. Work up to ten times. This is another exercise that looks easier than it is.

Day Three:

Do abdominal crunches as per the first abdominal blog. Keep your legs straight up, at a 90 degree angle from your hips. This will vary the lower abdominal muscle fibers used.

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