Monday, March 12, 2007

Possible Three-Month Leg Exercise Program IV

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1. Do lunges one time a week. See the lunges blog.

2. Matt Exercise “It-Seems-Easy-But-It-Is-Not-Exercise

This exercise is great for abdominal muscles, leg muscles and glute muscles. Place your left knee on the mat. Place your left palm flat on the floor by you. Keep your left arm straight. Do not lock your elbow. Rest on this hand. Bend your body only as much as our need to when you rest on your hand. Bring your right leg bent so that your thigh is parallel to you right hip socket. Straighten and then bend your leg. Do this for two sets of ten repetitions. You read correctly – two sets of ten repetitions. This exercise seems easy, but it most likely will not be easy for you. Change legs and repeat.

Next, keep your right leg straight. Do not lock the knee. Do circles of about six inches in diameter forward, and then backward. Do each direction for two sets of ten repetitions.
Change legs and repeat.

3. Lie down on your left side. Put an elastic ban around your ankles. You can leave your left arm straight and rest your head on it, or bend your elbow and rest your head on your left hand. Keep your legs straight. Do not bend your knees. Bring your right leg up. Exhale when you bring your leg up, and bring it down, inhaling, without touching your legs. Do four sets of ten repetitions. Change sides and legs and repeat.

Rest your legs one day between each exercise or set of exercises. This does not include aerobic and cardiovascular work that you do.

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