Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Where Do I Start to Get Results?"

On these blogs, I have written how you can eat what you want without gaining weight, increasing metabolism and knowing when you feel real pain or lazy pain. Some of you may think that this is unbelievable, or that you yourselves can never do it.

How do I start?" you may ask. Read the blogs. Buy my book Pocket Guide to Fitness, that will be on, and in about two weeks. Read it two times. Internalize it. Live it. You will see results.

You need to be grateful for your body, take the first step, acknowledge and appreciate yourself, commit to a future goal, which may be vague in the beginning of your workout adventure, and listen to your body.

In the beginning of your workout adventure, you will need to sweat. Do the aerobic and cardiovascular work, and lift the weights. Drink plenty of water. Work through the pain. Weeks later, get off the plateaus. Challenge yourself. Listen to your body.

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