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You see posters in pharmacies and other stores on how to get rid of cellulite, especially in Europe. Women of all ages and sizes, as women can see in locker rooms, have varying degrees of cellulite. Many so-called solutions to cellulite ranging from lotions to surgery exist. You can easily search for this online.

Conclusions on what cellulite is exactly have not been made. In fact, only 79 medical articles come up if plugging in "cellulite" in the search box of, and not all of these articles have to do with cellulite. Some have to do with cellulitis, for instance. Cellulite appears when fat protrudes through connective tissue. The condition may largely be genetic, which is one reason that dieting, exercise and cosmetic lotions and procedures usually do not work. Diet and exercise will reduce fat in general, and so can reduce cellulite. Increasing muscle will also decrease the appearance of cellulite to an extent, and to a varying degree for different people and taking into account But often, especially in women, if a low body fat percentage cannot guarantee no cellulite. Thin people can have it. Women have it more often than men. One study suggests "Current evidence suggests that structural differences in fat architecture between the sexes account for its appearance". The study title is "Cellulite: Is There a Role for Injectables?", and it was written by Rotunda AM, Avram MM, and Avram AS. It was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy in December 2005, volume 7, numbers 3 to 4, pages 147 to 154.

Mesotherapy, employ the technique of multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into the subcutaneous fat, has been found by at least one study to have some effectiveness. The study is "Histological Cha nges Associated with Mesotherapy for Fat Dissolution" by Rose PT and Morgan M, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy in March 2005, volume 7, number1, pages 17 to 19.

Conclusions from the medical study "Effect of Weight Loss on Cellulite: Gynoid Lypodystrophy" is: "Conclusions: Cellulite is a complex condition, and treatments such as weight loss have variable effects on the improvement or worsening of this condition. Additional studies are required to understand how the factors that influence and modulate cellulite severity, particularly those at the level of the subcutaneous tissue septa, can be manipulated to improve this condition". The study is by Smalls LK, Hicks M, and Passeretti D, et al. in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery August 2006 edition, volume 118, number 2, pages 510 to 516.

Looking over the first page of cellulite medical journal articles on PubMed, I found the techniques of the VelaSmooth system and Triactive system to be effective, although only 20 patients were studied. These procedures cost a significant amount, so keep this in mind when doing research. This study was called "A single center, randomized, comparative, prospective clinical study to determine the efficacy of the VelaSmooth system versus the Triactive system for the treatment of cellulite" was written by Nootheti PK, Magpantay A, Yosowitz G, Calderon S. and Goldman MP and was published in Lasers Surgery Medicine, in the December 2006 edition, volume 38, number 10, pages 908 to 912. This is not a product endorsement.

A main point of this blog is to first love your body, and to take care of your health. Go for your physicals. Be and stay in shape. If you have a little cellulite, it is not the end of the world. I happen to think that some of it is feminine and cute. Little babies usually have it. Do your research and have a good attitude.

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