Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shiitake Mushrooms

Lenthionine, is a key flavour compound of shiitake, and has been found to inhibit platelet aggregation, helping to fight thrombosis. See Takehara M, Kuida K, Mori K.

Parts of the mushroom have been shown to produce the cholesterol-reducing compound eritadenine, 2( R),3( R)-dihydroxy-4-(9-adenyl)butyric acid. See Enman J, Hodge D, Berglund KA, Rova U. (2008).

Components have been shown to have anti-oxidant activity in fungi. See Reverberi M, Fabbri AA, Zjalic S, Ricelli A, Punelli F, Fanelli C. (2005). Aqueous extracts have been found to have direct inhibition of the proliferation of human breast cancer cells in vitro and immunostimulatory properties. See Israilides C, Kletsas D, Arapoglou D. (2008)

Shiitake mushrooms are also a good source of vitamin D2.

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