Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kenn Kihiu’s Dance X DVD "Everybody's Workout"

I watched Kenn Kihiu’s Dance X "Everybody's Workout" DVD. Generally, I thought it was a great DVD. It is a wonderful workout, especially for beginner and intermediate exercisers. As with every workout, consult a physician first. The workout will keep your heart rate up and will target many muscles of your body. Staying with the workout for weeks may well increase your energy level, as you see the workout get easier and easier.

There are some areas that can take some improvement. I will list what I liked a lot first.

Kenn is a man who seems to really care about people and to be excited to show people his fitness tips and workout moves.

The music is great — I found it hard to sit still. I also liked the ethnic music intertwined with the house and techno beats, such as the Irish and Latin tunes.

The workout is easy to understand and fun!

I liked the people’s testimonies, colors of the DVD such as in people’s clothes, and the upbeat feel of the DVD.

The nutrition tips were simple and great.

Some subtle variations of moves target different muscle fibers in a muscle group, enhancing the workout and future muscle definition. One subtle type of variation is varying the arms’ and hip’s level while exercising certain moves.

Several moves of the legs lead to a great oblique workout.

Some areas for improvement:

I would like to see more credentials on Kenn’s part.

I would like to see a follow-up DVD with more original and difficult moves, and with moves on the floor or against the wall for resistance. He can even incorporate light weights to use with the moves!

Some muscles like the neck and back could be used more, since in the beginning of the DVD Ken said each muscle would be used.

More specific stretches could be done before and after the workout.

I would love to see more and varied dance movements.

A wider variety of beginner to advanced abdominal movements can be shown.

In one or two moves, Kenn did not specify if the lower body should move. Some dancers kept steady in the lower part of their bodies, while others moved their hips and even legs slightly.

I do not believe that people need supplements like juice, except for once in a while, if they eat a good diet.

Overall, I think this is a great workout, especially for beginner and intermediate exercises. It is mainly an aerobic workout. Where the heart rate is increased in some instances, the workout can be considered cardiovascular. The workout should be combined with at least three days a week of resistance weight training. Building muscle will increase endurance and strength, and speed up the metabolism. Aerobic workouts and weight training should be used together. This is a good buy, and I look forward to a follow-up DVD. To order, go to http://grouponefitness.com/dancex/.

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