Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Where do I start?" Create Your Future!

Many of you will get stopped by thinking where to start! This can be overwhelming for fitness, as for a new life transformation, studies, a new home, and more! The answer is usually to take the first step. Live into your commitment that you see for the future. Know that each step counts and you start - now!

Create what you want your future to look like and start. This can be consulting with a physician and personal trainer, which I advise to do for anyone first starting to work out or for anyone one time a year, even if they are a physician or personal trainer! It can be walking instead of driving to work or doing 50 abdominal crunches a day while watching your favorite television program every other night.

Use everything you learned in these blogs like being grateful for your body and your actions, being committed, and being creative.

Come on, come one, take that first step - now! You can do it! Do not lie to yourself that you can't!

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