Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Can You Spot Reduce?

*No, you cannot spot reduce! People would love that! When the first personal trainer I had, "Skooter", the man who co-wrote the exercise book with LL Cool Jay, told me that, I was flabbergasted! I wanted to lose weight at some points of my body, without losing any more facial fat. I did not want to lose my chest. I think that fake breasts are unhealthy and do not look good, and should not be had unless one has had a body-altering surgery.

A person can have a six-pack, for example, but it will not show unless one sweats doing aerobic and cardiovascular work, revealing the muscles. But if someone does that, they may also lose weight in a part of their body that they do not want to lose from, like their face, or chest or hips. If one targets an area, it may help reduce inches: If you build muscle, surrounding tissue will pack tighter. But there is no guarantee you will lose exactly where you want to lose.

Genetics plays a role in where you lose weight from first. A person can work out and lose a few pounds in their abdomen, then a few in their thighs and then a few in their chest. They can work out for five years and lose weight, and the same thing can happen. Experiment with your body, and, as usual, get in touch with yourself to see what works, such as different foods, exercises, and workouts. Use your spirit and mind to affect your body.

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