Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lift Your Pelvis!

You can do some moves for your glutes on a mat. Here they are:

1. Lie on your back. Leave an inch or two between your lower back and the mat. Bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. Lift your buttocks as much as you can from the floor in a slow movement. Count at least three seconds up, then three seconds down. Do four sets for ten repetitions.

2. Extend your right leg. Repeat the above exercise. Now put your right foot down and lift your left leg. Repeat the above exercise.

Here is a great stretch for your glutes.

Stretch: Bend your right knee so that your right knee is to your right and your right foot is to your left. bring the leg in that position close to you. Put your left knee behind your right ankle and use the left leg to bring in the right leg. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat for the left leg. Bend the left leg so that your left knee is to your left and your left foot is to your right. You can put your right knee behind your left ankle so that your right leg helps to bring your left leg toward your torso. Hold for ten seconds.

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