Monday, October 08, 2007

My Five Axioms

Theorems need to be proven, including in mathematics. Axioms are just true. I believe that life is a yin/yang balance, and that two sides of the coin can be true at once, as in Taoism. For instance, it is good and bad to have an ego. A woman can be feminine and masculine.

Some beliefs I hold to be true and self-evident. Here they are, and perhaps I will blog about them more a another time.

1. Socrates "Know Thyself" leading to Shakespeare's "To Thine Own Self Be True and IT Follows, as night the day, thou cannot be false to any man" (or woman or God)

2. Socrates's "Pan Metron Ariston": Everything with balance or measure for arista or excellence

3. The Truth comes out in the end.

4. What comes around goes around (as in the Christianity Golden Rule, Eastern philosophy karma, physics, and more).

5. What does not kill you will make you stronger.

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