Monday, October 01, 2007

Three Ways to Use a Wall

Abdominal Muscles:

For a variation of a crunch. Scoot your buttocks to the wall and have your legs up, perpendicular to your hips. Do basic abdominal crunches to work out your upper and lower abdominal muscles. Do five sets of ten repetitions.

Lower Abdominal Muscles and Quadriceps: Sit with your buttocks and back against the wall for support. Raise one leg at a time, about half a foot off of the floor. You can use the palm of your hands for support. Do four sets of ten repetitions.
Does it sound easy? Try it.

Chest: Keep your legs together and straight. Do not lock your knees. Keep your feet about two feet from the wall. Put your arms shoulder-level up and your palms on the wall. Pretend that the wall is the floor and do "push-ups". Do five sets of ten repetitions.

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