Saturday, November 17, 2007


Do you want to win? Do you want to lose weight and beat those fat cells, or that Mom or sister that has always hinted that you are fat or not good enough? Do you want to win stares of people walking into a party? Do you want to be the best coming from a place of being not good enough or resentment from your past? Or is the desire to excel coming from competition with yourself and having integrity with your health because you love yourself?

If you do not accept and love who you are inside and out, you will: 1. Never be in shape; 2. Yo-yo diet; or 3. Be obsessed with dieting and exercising, never letting yourself eat an Oreo.

If you get in shape to look good and to win, you will not have happiness and freedom. All right, we as human beings will always have some of this going on; we will all feel good if we walk in a room and people stare at our cute calves and tight butt. But if you are getting in shape for this, it is coming from lack or insecurity inside. This will not be happiness. And sooner or later other people will pick it up and you will not look so great anyway.

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