Sunday, December 02, 2007

More on the HHMI Fat and Genes DVD

I continued to view the HHMI fat and genes DVD. The student questions are superb. Among other questions, they asked if having anorexia causes permanent problems, if Olexa works, if low metabolism or being obese greatly hamper weight loss. The scientist kept relying on what experiments have been done. The scientists even went on to say that there is no evidence of exercise leading to weight loss. They said that no experiments have been done on anorexia long-term effects, except for bone density. My intuition and recollection differ. I will look into this and post another blog within a month. Electrolytes in the brain due to low nutrient intake and water retention can be affected, perhaps permanently.

My belief is that a yin yang approach needs to be used: Use intuition and personal experience along with science fact. In like vein, I believe that health should be approached with both Western and Eastern medicine and perspectives.

So hit the gym or whatever other place of exercise you have, start working and start getting in touch with yourself. Be responsible for your health. That includes reading up, working out and going within your spirit and soul.

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