Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Possible Benefits of Coffee

I think that coffee may be just fine for some people. Studies continue to be done. I am in line with that, and include chocolate, even if it's dark
and bitter. They could be better than anything (depending on the
person). I have been attending lectures at the New York Academy of
Science for about 10 years. It moved from a beautiful 63rd-Street to
the 40th floor of a building right next to where the two towers were
downtown. the view is great.

A Brazilian man from the company Illy talked. I was disappointed. I really wanted to see molecular formulas and explanations. It was mostly commercial and I know that he is biased. He spoke about the two beans - Arabica and Robusta. He prefers
Robusta, the predominant type. He did not go over any chemistry,
but did make some claims: Coffee contains many antioxidants; espresso has one-fourth of the amount of caffeine as a cup of joe; coffee has been shown to have an anti-correlative relationship to certain cancers such as colon cancer and to hepatic
cirrhosis; and some forms of decaffeinating coffee strip it of
antioxidants. He claimed that the average US diet has coffee as the
main source of antioxidants. (Too many of these are not good.) He
also pointed out that it is a diuretic, and that that is not sexy, in
his macho accent. Also note that most teas have caffeine.

It was interesting to note that Finland, Norway and Switzerland are top coffee
consumers. The United States and Greece were not even in the top 10. Northern
Europe took the cake. France was maybe number 8 and Italy was around
there too. Ethiopia has wild coffee growing, and he says that's the
only place that has that.

I think almost anything in moderation is good, it's different for each person, and what you think about what you eat affects you. Upcoming lectures on food include
chocolate, champagne and Scotch Whiskey. (I don't like the latter.) See www.nyas.org.

Disclaimer: None of the above information can be taken as a substitute for advice from a medical professional such as a physician.

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