Monday, December 10, 2007

A Thesaurus of Health Information Online

Did you know that you can get top medical journal information at your fingertips in seconds? Where can you get this? You can get this on Medline, the largest source of medical information in the country, is available for free on this Web site. A history of Medline is on my Web site

I will not review how to use the Web site at length. There are tutorials on it available to you. You can look for journal articles by author or title. You must be careful to spell correctly. You may also look up subjects by keywords. Be careful to narrow down the keywords as much as you can, if you know specifics about your search. For instance, if you were to look up hypertension, you would get more than a quarter million responses! You can use everyday keywords like nosebleed, or "fancier" scientific terms like "epitaxis" for the same search. Medline knows how to cross reference these keywords.

Most journal articles are not free, but you can usually view their abstract to see the major points, including conclusions. You can decide then if you would like to purchase the journal article online after visiting the journal Web site. Many libraries would have the journal as well.

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