Monday, December 01, 2008

Russian Kettlebells

Today on the subway I moved to an outside seat to get ready to get off at 34th Street. A tall African-American man sat on the inside seat and read a health magazine. I was in the moment and talked to him. He is a personal trainer. I quickly shared about my book and gave him a business card. He gave me a Vitamin Shoppe magazine. I read an article on Russian kettlebells by Pavel Tsatsouline. I will share some of it here.

I wondered what the name of those medicine balls with a handle is, or what are different ways to use them. According to Pavel, there are three ways.

1. Swing: Grab the handle with one or two hands, squat, and drop it between your knees. Snap it forward with force for your legs and glutes to hip height.

2. Grind: Grab the handle with one or two hands and slowly lift it to chest height.

3. Snatches are done in one swift, fluid motion. You swing and snatch the kettlebell with both hands overhead with your arm extended. Do not lock your elbows.

Disclaimer: None of the above information can be taken as a substitute for advice from a medical professional, such as a physician.

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