Sunday, February 06, 2011

Training Testimonial from Client

I was working with the same home trainer for years. I was having trouble paying the high fee and I felt that we were in a rut, doing the same exercises week after week. I began searching for someone new, especially for a female trainer.

I found Louiza Patsis on the Internet. She has provided me with exactly what I was looking for; a competent trainer who offers both affordable rates and an exhilarating exercise routine. In the past, I did mostly upper body and leg work, but I was unaware of how underdeveloped my abs are, until Louiza worked me out. Louiza is now helping me to correct this problem. She uses a variety of workout techniques, including professional dance moves and stretches.

Louiza’s attitude is personable, supportive and motivational. She frequently inquires as to how I am feeling, both during and after exercising. She is willing to modify a routine according to my personal fitness level, while encouraging me to go beyond my “comfort level” to achieve improved endurance, strength, and flexibility.

For me, a commercial gym is not an option. It is very important to have a home trainer to keep me on track and help me to reach my goals. I own various kinds of exercise equipment, and Louiza puts them all to good use. She inspires me to exercise and exert myself even between our training sessions. She also likes my cat Silky. I am glad that I found her and I hope that we will continue our association for many years to come.

Thanks, Louiza!

J. Amann
Flushing, New York

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