Saturday, February 18, 2012

Piña Movie

Pi, an Oscar-nominated 3D movie I saw recently, was an experience. I did not like the first third of the film, with the dance seeming like some kind of comment on menstrual pain (for some women). I think that our 3D technology leaves a lot to be desired. I did enjoy comments her students said she made, the earthy, passionate performance of the dancers, and the beautiful, diverse male dancers.

Some of what she has said:

Keep searching.
Be a stand for each step you take.
What do you long for? Where does it come from?

For the movements, including psychological connotations and interpretations, you will have to see the movie. The dancers seemed ordinary at first, and then came to life. This post is also posted on I posted it here because of the wonderful spirit-mind-body connection shown in the movie.

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