Wednesday, January 09, 2013


   Happy New Year everyone! Many of you may have resolutions to get more fit or lose weight. An important question to ask is "Why?", as I was reminded by an article in Boost Your Willpower in the January 2013 issue of Yoga Journal. Yoga teacher and Stanford psychology professor Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. said that any time you try to change something to fix it, it does not involve accepting what is true now, and does not work.

      As I have written in older blog posts, start with loving your body first. Your body gives you so much and allows you to do so much each day. Love and appreciate it. It's beautiful.

      Make the changes you want to make for health. See, by connecting with yourself through exercise, what weight, food, etc. feel best for you. When are you at your healthiest and most energetic? Do not do it to please others.There will always be someone to comment negatively about your fitness level or look anyway, probably projecting their feelings about their own self.

      Ask yourself why you want to be stronger or lose weight. The essence of this needs to revolve around a higher level of health, and, a greater quality of life or higher level of living life with vitality and ease.

      Not doing the above will result in not being happy and healthy, at least as much as you can be, and yo-yo dieting or fitness.

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