Thursday, November 01, 2012

Brazilian TV Personality: Dead After Liposuction

Obsessed with having a flat belly, had more than one surgery, and died during the latest one. We cna all lose weight, gain muscle and sculpt ourselves, even if we start off at 400 pounds or 80 years old. You may not be able to change yoru gneetics as otehr posts show. For instance, if you are bound to have cellulite, youmay have it at 110 pounds, or until you lose too much fat form places like your face. If your calves are a lot smaller than your thighs, the proportion may stay almost the same, no matter how many calf raises you do. It is important to defined your goals, and love yoruself along the way. Perfection is at every step.

Do not be obsessed. Love yourself. This case I am sure also involves physician error. The procedure is standard.

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