Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interval Training with All Cardiovascular Machines

I have done it on the bicycle, as they do in spin class, stairmaster and treadmill. But I have not done it on some othe rmachines, similar to step machines...I am not sure of their names. But do incorporate interval training in all cardiovascular machines. It is great for the heart, gets you off plateaus, burns calories and varies the workout.

If you use a machine for half an hour, for example, incorporate one minute, three times, or some other such variation from a few seconds to three minutes long, where you increase  your speek and/or your resistance. Pump it out to some fast music at those times and realize the difference you feel after your workout, and how your  body functions and looks different two weeks and then four weeks later.

Experiment with lengths of intervals that work best for your body. Vary the length of intervals after two weeks (the longest).

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