Friday, January 20, 2006

Chest Exercise Program I

Here is a possible three-month program for your chest. Ladies, do not worry, you will not lose your breasts and look like a man, although you could if you want. Your chest muscles will tighten up. This will make you be strong and feel great. And you will look great, too. Your breasts will lift, although if you have sagging or huge breasts, they will not look very different. The breasts are made up of adipose (fat) tissue. The pectoralis muscles and intercostal (between the ribs) muscles will be work out; your breasts will mainly stay the same. To reduce breast size, you do cardiovascular exercises, as well as overall weight training, to burn calories and lose weight. To not lose breast adipose tissue, which concerns mostly women when they work out, is more difficult. You cannot tell your body what to do. Genetics partly or mostly determines what you lose from where first. You may be working out your legs mostly, but in a period of time lose mostly breast adipose tissue. You can feel your body, and use your spirituality add mentality to affect results. This is something you learn on your own.

Feel your body and look in the mirror to see results. If these exercises do not seem to work, increase the repetitions or sets, or use a substitute exercise. For all of the exercises, exhale when you lift the weight or exert the most muscle tension, and inhale when you return to the beginning position. Use a weight that gives you a workout but is not too tough. Rest the muscle in between days that you work it out as a primary mover.

Day I: Supine Chest Press

Lie down on a straight bench with your dumbbells, one in each hand. With your feet flat on the end of the bench or on the floor, make sure there is only a small natural space between the small of your back and the bench. With your wrists facing each other, right and left, start by extending your arms to your sides (right arm to right side and left arm to left side). Then bring your wrists together without having the weights touch. Do four sets of ten repetitions. You can repeat another four sets of ten repetitions with your wrists facing forward.

Day II: Chest Fly Machine

Use a fly machine. Adjust the arms of the machine to go as far backward as possible. Make sure that the seat position is comfortable. Bring your arms together. Do four sets of ten repetitions.

Day III: Bench Press

Use the bench press. Find the weight that is right for you and balance it on each side. Lie down with your back relaxed, only an inch or two separating your lower back from the bench. Do four sets of ten repetitions.

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