Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Three-Month Abdominal Program IV

Here is another abdominal exercise program. This is an advanced program. Do this after at least six months of doing the first three-month abdominal exercise program, and then the second or third abdominal exercise program. Rest the muscle in between days that you work it out as a primary mover. The first day is like the Three-Month Abdominal Exercise Program I first day exercise. You can vary it, perhaps causing different muscle fibers to be used, by holding your legs crossed straight up in they air or against a wall.

Day One:

Do five sets of ten repetitions of abdominal crunches. This is the correct way to do them: Lie on the floor with about an inch or two inches of natural space between the small of your back and the floor. Put your hands behind your head. Relax your arms and shoulders. Keep your back straight. Do not curve your neck. Do not use your arms to come up. You only need to lift your upper body about 45 degrees from the floor. You will feel when you have reached your limits. Keep your elbows straight out and perpendicular to the floor. Concentrate on using your abdominal muscles. Exhale when you move up and inhale when you move down. Pretend that there is an imaginary rope from your septum (chest bone) to the ceiling pulling you up in a straight fashion.

Day Two:

Get arm rests (ask a personal trainer) that you can hook onto the top bar of a cable rack, squat rack or other machine. Get a step or two (ask a personal trainer) to get your arms onto the rests. Your elbows should stick out of the arm rests and your hands should clasp the top part of the arm rests. Your forearms should be ninety degrees with the floor. Step off the step(s) and relax your body. Keep your upper body relaxed and straight. Lift your legs upward and then downward. Alternatively, you can bend your knees and bring your upper legs up to your hips. Then in a small motion, bring your legs up one to two inches from your hips. This works your lower abdominal muscles at about the same intensity as the prior motion. See what feels best for you and brings the best results. Exhale when you move up and inhale when you move down for either way of doing the exercise. Do ten sets of ten repetitions.

Day Three:

Do the advanced abdominal exercise from the “Perhaps the Best Abdominal Exercise” blog of October 27, 2005.

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