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Three-Month Abdominal Exercise Program II

The front abdominal muscles are one straight muscle, the rectus abdominis) and the three flat muscles, external oblique, internal oblique, and transversus abdominis.

There are many ways that you can work out your abdominal muscles. Try this weekly work out for three months. See if you get results in how you feel, abdominal strength and how you look. Then move on to another abdominal exercise program for another three months. As usual, rest your abdominal muscles as primary movers the day after your work them out as primary movers. There is almost no exercise which does not incorporate the abdominal muscles as secondary movers, or stabilizers.

Day One:

Use the abdominal crunches machine. There is a pad that you place in front of your chest. Sit comfortably and relax your body. There is usually a pad for your head. Let your arms rest loosely next to you. Find a weight that gives you a workout but not unduly pain. Often when you work out your abdominal muscles, you will not feel the pain until a day or two after your workout. Exhale when you move forward and inhale when you move up to the starting position. Do five sets of ten repetitions.

Day Two:

Use the cable rack. Adjust the pulley where the cable attaches to the highest level. Place a handle on the hook that is a loop where both of your hands can hold or a metal attachment that has a place for each of your hands to hold.
Find a weight that gives you a workout but not unduly pain. Hold the attachment and bring it with you to the floor. Sit on your knees. Bring the attachment in front of the top of your chest bone or septum. Keep your neck aligned with your back and your back relaxed and straight. Move all the way up, holding the attachment in the same position. This is the starting position. Move downward so that your hands that are holding on to the attachment almost touch the floor. Exhale as you move downward. Move up to the starting position. Inhale when you move up to the starting position. Do not let the weights touch. Do five sets of ten repetitions.

Day Three:

This exercise works your oblique muscles. Lie on the floor with your knees bent. The natural space between the small of your back and the floor should be about two inches. Relax. Place your hand behind your head. Lift your upper body from the waist up. Concentrate on using your oblique muscles. Have your left breast almost touch your right knee. Slightly move back about an inch and have your right breast almost touch your left knee. Do five sets of ten repetitions.

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