Saturday, February 04, 2006


Boxing is a great cardiovascular work out which also gives you good strength training for the arms and legs, and an incredible mental and spiritual work out. I have done one-on-one training. I cannot begin to imagine what boosts in confidence, security and discipline more training and ring fighting can give.

Boxing is also a great form of interval training. Instructors tell students to do activities such as push-ups, punch the heavy and speed bag, and climb stairs.

Here are some benefits of boxing from the web site of Steve Franklin
Benefits from Boxing:

1) The ability to relax, to keep calm and poised under pressure.
2) A boost in your self-confidence...knowing you can take care of yourself if necessary in a street fight. Boxing is a martial art by the way.
3) Faster reflexes
4) Stronger
5) Better endurance
6) Quicker movements
7) Improved flexibility
8) Better balance
9) More coordinated

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