Saturday, February 04, 2006


Dancing is wonderful for spirit, mind, emotions and body. You express yourself, gain in confidence, and cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. You connect with yourself and with other people if you choose. You connect with and show your full range of emotions that are part of being human, and that we often hide (sometimes thankfully) in everyday life. It is also a great flexibility exercise.

Your muscles have memory. A ballerina can do things that a football player will find hard to do and a football player will do things that a ballerina will find hard to do. Each time you use a muscle in a different way and angle, you hit different muscle fibers and that muscle will grow and be stronger. Dancing at different rhythms and tempos can be a great form of interval training. You can go slow and then quickly. You can move and stretch muscles, increasing the level of muscle flexibility and strength.

You can monitor your level of expertise in a dance. This will increase your connection to yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. You will gain in knowing the distinctions of confidence, commitment, discipline, beauty, self-expression, creativity and more.

You can do all of this while you have fun, and even enjoy it with a partner or with a group of people! And of course you have the music to go along with it!

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