Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Fourth Chakra: The Heart Center

Body Location: Center of chest, heart, hands, arms, lungs, thymus gland, lungs, and circulatory system

Human Development: Energy used for compassion, love, self-expression

Positive manifestation: harmony, unconditional love, acceptance, fulfillment

Negative manifestation: Grief, passive aggressive, attachment, insensitivity, sadness

Anticipated Illnesses: Cardiovascular problems, arthritis, hypertension, stroke

Somatic Sensation: Openness (form of expansion)

Somatic Concept: reach or spread out; inclusion for acceptance, confidence and serenity

Yoga pose-movement: Half shoulder stand, legs up against the wall, Simple Camel Pose

Human Potential: Compassion

Some of the information from this blog post was obtained from Mind and Body Healing Through Awareness, Yoga and Somatic Integration by Linda Christy Weiler, M.S.

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