Monday, May 03, 2010

Glamour Cover

June's Glamour cover includes model Crystal Renn, size 12, as was shown on the today show. As I've posted before, I think the fashion and fitness industries should include toned and curvy models between the sizes of 6 and 10. Crystal is a beautiful woman, but is still plus-size. In addition, some photographs were air-brushed. She looks size 6 in one of them.


Some progress has been made at least.


Jaxon said...

What fitness plan is to be followed by boys to get the perfect body to become a model?

Louiza Fitness Tips for Life said...

Write in English.
Jaxon: Beauty first comes from the inside. You need to have good energy and connect to people and the camera.
Do all the exercises I have on the blog and feel out your body. eat lots of protein and veggies.
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